What is One Punch Man?

What is One Punch Man?

  • One Punch Man is an ongoing action/parody webcomic and manga created by an author using the pseudonym “ONE” and illustrated by world renowned artist Yusuke Murata. It was later adapted into an anime series. There are currently 2 seasons, the first season produced by Madhouse, and the second by J.C. Staff.
  • Quick summary: The world is under constant attack from mysterious beings. The story follows Saitama, an averapge unemployed man who gave up seeking a normal job to become the world’s strongest hero. After three years of rigorous training, he achieves overwhelming power, but when every villain explodes into bits and pieces with just one punch, Saitama once again struggles to find a thrill in his life. Now operating as a hero for a hobby, Saitama is constantly searching for an opponent to stave off his boredom.

How do I follow One Punch Man?

  1. Watch the Anime
  2. Watch 1 prequel OVA (One Punch Man OVA 0 Road to Hero)
  3. Watch the 6 Season 1 Blu-Ray OVAs
  4. Watch the 6 Season 2 Blu-Ray OVAs
  5. Start reading the manga from chapter 85 (though It’s recommended that you read it from chapter 38, scroll down for more info on why).
  6. Read the bonus chapters
  7. After catching up to the manga read the webcomic from chapter 52
  8. Buy all the manga (Also see: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, RightStuf, Indigo, your local book store…)
  9. Buy all the Blu Rays
  10. Watch Mob Psycho 100, written by the same author (10/10 adaptation go watch it)
  11. Follow @opmreddit on twitter and turn notifications on or if you hate twitter use IFTTT to serve your OPM addiction
  12. Stalk Murata’s tweets @NEBU_KURO to find out when the next chapter is coming out
  13. While you’re at it, why not follow ONE on twitter @ONE_Rakugaki
  14. Join Discord to chat with other addicts and get notified about chapters.
  15. Celebrate when a new chapter comes out
  16. Finish reading it
  17. Hello Darkness my old friend

Where do I watch the anime?

  • See the sidebar under “Anime” for where to watch it officially. Links to anime discussion threads and episode to chapter indexes are also in the sidebar under “Anime”.

Is there an English dub for the anime?

  • There is an English dub available for both Seasons of the anime. It may be available on Hulu/Netflix depending on your country.

Is Season 3 confirmed?

  • Yes, but that’s all we know. (Try the Manga, it’s amazing!)

What do I watch after the anime/Where do I watch the OVAs?

  • There are six total, approximately 10 minute shorts (called OVAs), one released with each of the Blu-Rays. In addition to these, a 20 minute OVA has been released with volume 10 in Japan. You can watch the OVAs online at Animepace/Gogoanime or various other sites. Buy the Blu-Rays on CDJapan or try searching for it on Amazon Japan.
  • Click here for links to the OVA discussions. See more information about the OVAs and the Blu Ray release dates under ‘Important Dates’ in the sidebar.

Where can I find the anime OST? What song is this?

  • A physical CD of the OST can be bought on CDJapan and Amazon. A list of the tracks in the OST are on the official OPM anime website.

I’ve finished the anime and want to continue with the manga. Where do I start?

  • Season 1 of the anime covers Chapters 1-37 [Volumes 1-7] of the tankōbon (printed manga) volumes.
  • Season 2 covers till Chapter 85 [Volume 17 (partially)].
  • However, it is highly recommended that you start from the beginning to fully appreciate the manga format, or atleast from chapter 38 [Volume 8].
  • Why?
  • Season 1 was very faithful to the manga, but there are some changes to scenes and dialogue, slight character changes, and some anime-original scenes.
  • But Season 2 has considerably watered down art; re-ordered, changed and skipped many pages; and is very fast paced. This is due to it’s rushed production, and need to fit the adapted content from too many chapters in less than the necessary number of episodes.
  • You can read the bonus chapters here which were skipped by the anime.Click here for a list of the differences in Season 1, although they aren’t that significant. See the full anime to chapter index here. Check the wiki for a full list of the chapters, sorted by volume.

Where can I read One Punch Man?

  • You can find an archive to read the Manga here. If you wish to download chapters you can do that here. On mobile you can also read on the tachiyomi app, using the GDrive as the source.
  • Read the Original Webcomic here. Or download it here.
  • If you want to check out the retconned/scrapped (no longer canon) versions of the chapters, you can check them out here or here.
  • You can also find the subreddit’s chapter discussions in the sidebar.

What is canon/what are the redrawn versions of the chapter?

  • The chapters in the drive above are the redrawn (final) canon versions of the chapters.

Is there a list of all the redraws?

Why are there 2 different versions (webcomic & manga)?

  • The original is a free webcomic ONE started in 2009. It later took off on the web and has started being redrawn with better artwork and expanded story by Yūsuke Murata (renowned for ‘Eyeshield 21’). Comparison images: Murata’s version on the left, ONE’s on the right.

What is the difference between the original webcomic and the manga remake?

  • The major plot is generally the same. The manga vastly expands on the webcomic, adding more details, characters & mini arcs written by ONE, sometimes making changes, and generally improving the story. A major difference is the quality of the artwork, with the manga being drawn in significantly more detail. The webcomic is also much further ahead in the story than the manga.
  • Here is a list of some of the notable differences between the two in terms of content.

So is the Webcomic canon?

  • Yes, being the original version, the webcomic is still canon. However, the Manga, being the improved version, could be taken as ‘more canon’.

Does ONE work on the manga?

  • Yes. ONE consistently oversees and works on the manga alongside Murata. ONE acts as both storyboard writer and editor for the manga. Every chapter in the manga is scripted by ONE and goes through his approval. Murata follows ONE’s original webcomic, but he is given free reign for page distribution and presentation, adding scenes or changing dialogue where he sees fit. In this case, Murata will ask ONE’s opinion and they will work together on fine-tuning the changes. ONE sometimes releases storyboards on his twitter.

So which one should I read?

  • Murata’s remake is recommended to begin reading with. ONE’s version is farther ahead in the story. You may choose to pick up ONE’s version where Murata’s started to deviate.

Why are some of the chapters numbered weirdly/Why are chapters numbered differently on various sites?

  • As some of the chapters come out in parts, ex- 28, 29, 30.1, 30.2, 30.3, 31, 32. Some sites list the chapters as this, some combine the parts and count them as one, and some just continue numbering the parts as different chapters.
  • This is also the reason why the number of the latest online chapter may appear to be very different and apart (Example- 160 instead of 110).

Why is the printed version of the manga different from the online version?

  • The manga (Murata’s remake) was originally only available online on Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics website, where we still receive chapters online for free.
  • When it is sent for printing, Murata redraws and improves many scenes, with extensive amounts in the latter volumes. The tankōbon (printed) version features better artwork than the online version, and includes bonus chapters.

What is the latest chapter of the English manga/Why are there different “latest” chapters available in English?

  • The official translations for the printed manga are way behind the Japanese, generally taking a year or later than when they’re first released online in Japanese. They have recently started releasing chapters online and up to date with the online Japnese chapter releases. However, there are also scanlation (fan translation) groups that put out a translated version within hours from when the Japanese RAWs come out.

What is the chapter release schedule/How often do chapters some out?

  • Chapters usually come out every other Wednesday, but the manga remake chapters have no fixed schedule. The scanlation to English generally comes out within the next 6 hours. Get notifications for new chapters here!.
  • There is no fixed schedule for the Webcomic, as it’s just something ONE draws as a hobby.

I’ve caught up on the manga and want to continue with the webcomic. Where do I start?

  • Chapter 95 is the webcomic chapter where the latest manga arc starts.
  • However; it is highly recommended that you should start from chapter 70 in the ONE webcomic, because that is where the future-relevant differences between the two start to exacerbate, and the latter half of the Monster Association arc is very different in the webcomic. Some characters such as Orochi don’t exist, and others such as God have a negligible role compared to their manga counterparts.
  • Although, you might wanna start reading from chapter 52, it is where the two started to deviate significantly, with the manga expanding on the plot and adding much more detail than what was in the webcomic.
  • Note: The chapters in the manga and the webcomic don’t correspond to each other. The end of chapter 47 in the manga corresponds to the end of chapter 52 in the webcomic, this gap gets wider and wider as the manga goes on.

Where can I buy print volumes? (English)

  • Check your local bookstore or order from an online retailer such as Amazon, bookdepository, barnes&noble, rightstufanime, etc. The English release is always several volumes behind Japan.

Where can I buy One Punch Man digital releases?

Why are there different versions of certain scenes/chapters in the manga?

  • Murata likes to redo scenes/chapters that he or ONE isn’t satisfied with.

Why are some of the chapters so short?

  • Some of the chapters are not released in full at once, but in small parts as Murata draws them. These are put online at Young Jump’s online comics site for free, Murata draws in greater detail than most mangaka which means it takes longer for full chapters to come out.

How are many of the chapters so long?

  • Murata has successfully ascended beyond mere humanity to become the ultimate manga artist. With ONE doing the writing and storyboards and Murata’s assistants helping with the backgrounds, he is able to focus solely on cranking out epic drawings. Chapters surpassing 50 pages are not uncommon, although ones surpassing 100 are now rare, as they were too much for the Young Jump website to handle.

Why don’t the Manga and Webcomic chapters don’t correspond by numbering?

  • Because the Manga is an expanded version, it takes more chapters to cover the plot than the Webcomic. This is why the corresponding chapters can be way off. (Ex- End of manga chapter 47 -> WC chapter 52. End of manga chapter 110 -> Chapter 62 of the WC).

Is the webcomic still continuing?

  • Yes! After being on hiatus for 2 long years, it’s finally continuing again!

What are some other anime I might enjoy?

  • Check out Mob Psycho 100 by the same author, My Hero Academia for a hero society, and here’s a (slightly outdated) infographic made by /u/lukeatlook.

Saitama vs ______ , who would win?

  • Saitama is a gag character with the premise that he will win every fight. Most of Saitama’s power is purely implied, so there is no real basis for comparison. This question should never be taken seriously.

Is Saitama’s workout routine a good routine in real life?

  • To put it simply, No.The biggest problem is the lack of rest days. Your muscles need time to recover from a workout, otherwise you can damage your body. The routine is definitely not fit for a beginner, and if you are at the level where you can do the workout, there is very little benefit in continuing it as your main workout. There is no progression (routine gets progressively harder) and it is not a well-rounded workout, which will likely lead to muscle imbalances and slow fitness/muscle size improvement.
  • For better fitness advice check out the sidebar in /r/fitness. If you want to do body-weight exercises like Saitama, there’s /r/bodyweightfitness. Nutrition is a very important as well, so check out /r/nutrition.

Does he really end all his fights with one punch?

  • You’ll have to read to find out!